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That comes in a later asment on authentication.

The GUI client Write a fully functional client with a graphical user interface something like the screen shot above. There should be at minimum a text field that shows all the messages that have been broadcast so far including who sent them and the text and a text field where you can type a message and send it. You should be able to specify a gay message boards that will be sent with your messages, either with a command line option, a system property, a configuration file, or with a dialog box that pops up.

You should display this name somewhere on the screen. Note that the client really needs to be multi-threaded, but Java happens to do most of the work for you.

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One thread waits for messages to come down the network connection, while the other thread handles window events, key strokes, and sending messages. In Java, the AWT stuff automatically runs in its own thread, so you can use roo, main thread dasy do all your reading. Other Requirements The host and port where the clients look for the server should not be hard coded. It's okay to put in a default value, but it should be possible to change the server host and port either with a command line option, a system property, a dialog box, a configuration moline adult chat adult forum castelleone, something like that.

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The clients and server must be able to run on any machine and any port. The server could be multi-threaded: The main thread goes into an infinite loop where it accepts client connections from a ServerSocket.

When it detects a new client, it should do the following: Get the connected Socket from the ServerSocket, and get the associated input and output streams. Store a reference to the fasy stream somehow.

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When it needs to deliver a message, the server will write to this output stream. Start a new thread that waits for the client to send messages romo the server.

Most real servers of various kinds are written this way. The monitor client and GUI client ought to have some code in common.

Be lazy, save yourself some work: Do it right once, and you won't have to do it again. Test your programs on multiple hosts. Move the server around.

Try everything on Solaris and Windows and mixtures of the two if you can. Test your clients and server against someone else's.

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They ought to be compatible if you've implemented the protocol properly. A modern browser is enough - no Flash or other plugins required.

No Registration, No Just nick name and off you go. No required to create or a chat. A Picture is a 1.

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Just photos, sketches, diagrams or other images to your chat and share them with others. The clear and fast chat is just fun.

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