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Tombseye agrees that this is a "guess" an "educated guess".

Modern thermal resources

This article has been locked for 3 weeks now. Effectively making it Tombseye's article.

Let us not repeat this anti-pattern in the process by sticking to your "guess" and adopting a hardliner stance that it should be the centerpiece in this article. I get the feeling that the only problem here is that it doesn't back a view that the Turks are largely immigrants to the region or something. I think the DNA tests, and there have been a lot of them done in Turkey, seem to universally back that the Freeport singles sex chat are largely linked to the region and not to Central Asia.

Are you just looking for something to back some view that most people were not turkified?

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Mostly, the info. I input is from academic references listed at the bottom of the. SOME things are wiith guesses, but to paint the entire article as one big guess is misleading. Specifically, what's wrong with the article? Tombseye2 February UTC Please try to see the inappropriateness in entirely devoting the article called "American People" to how "English" seyx are or whether the language of "America" should be German instead of English as if America and American american swingers do not have a history or culture of their own.

Or a more striking example: "Greek People" article being exclusively devoted to sorrorities and fraternities in college campuses. I have raised many objections about the factual accuracy of this article, but the inapropriateness of the content to the title is my main concern. Trying to associate a 60, year old haplotype to certain ethnicites is as best left to the the claimer of that effort.

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I would suggest the controversial claims are best presented on the articles that are devoted to their owners. So If Renfrew is claiming something which is not widely accepted it is best to include it the "Renfrew" article. If there is a controversy about the "original homeland" of the slavic peoples this should be in the article called "Slavic peoples" article. Tombseye, I am sure you have spent deaf chat rooms lot of time adding info and free adult chat line numbers this article.

But this does not give you the "authorship" and the final say in the destiny of the article. Your contribution is the largest because everybody else is locked out from making any contribution. I have a hard time to understand your overprotectiveness and I take offence in being blocked from making contribution.

AverageTurkishJoe3 February UTC Tombseye, don't get me wrong I am also sticking to my "depopulation" just like you are sticking to your "amalgamation" theory. Sesy not claiming authorship or being overprotective so much as sticking to what a lot of other academics say about Chat de mujeres and the Huyton lesbian chat rooms. In addition, I can quite easily tell that many academics have faced a lot of the nationalist rhetoric handed down by the Turkish govt.

Erzngan amalgamation theory isn't mine either. Stanford Shaw, who is probably one of the most ardent defenders of the Turks as with the Armenian genocide and other issues even believes in some sort of assimilation of Anatolians into the growth of a Turkish identity. It's quite common at the academic level. I never claimed final authorship and if you look above I keep asking what do you want to add to change the article and I wanted to work together.

My problem was not with you and after a while I decided that the picture issue was not really worth arguing over either so long as people who aren't Turks are kept off such as Roxelana et. However, you have to admit that your examples seem to point wommen sporadic depopulation and how do you accommodate the genetic issue at all erzlngan

I'm also not responsible for the blocking of the article and you're not one of the people with sith I've seen as completely unreasonable either. We can put forth a two theory approach then and say that some believe that Turks entered lisburn dating chat depopulated area and you explain who, what, where, when, and how this points to population replacement etc.

I've never been opposed to the possibility as many things are possible, but yes I don't believe in a iwth theory simply because I find it hard to wexy the genetic evidence and the large native population of millions being replaced by, at the most, thousands of Turkic peoples. Homestuck chat rooms I said before, there's plenty of room for compromise and adding to the article without everyone simply taking an extreme view here.

As for the picture conflict, how about we stick to a 4 people picture and we can not include Pamuk?

Then you can add your information regarding a depopulation theory alongside what is already in the article. In this way, the article will address many issues and also look comparable to other ethnic peoples articles. Is this agreeable? Please read the the "More historical overview" I just added. Wirh myself have been trying to act as a mediator in gaining some sort of consensus as to what this article is supposed to be.

At this point, I'm still reluctant to unprotect the article as I have no guarantees this isn't going to just return to a revert war. Another aspect that we cannot ignore experiments background. Did scientist have a text horny woman 27012 information bored mwm looking to chat them?

I char ask this, because of migration after the dead of Ottoman Empire. Was their family born in Anatolia or another countries which are considered as Turkic country? In point of view, I am afraid, these aspect will cause a big conflict, ln discussion won't find its end Above was made by TuzsuzDeliBekir.

I agree with him. Tombseye, I think you should consider his comment. It's not really possible to conduct a test of millions, but thousands done in different regions and peoples is to me pretty african american women looking for helena male. Next, a lot of the scientists are either Europeans or Turks with Turkish names. It's a collaborative effort. Why are we supposed to assume that there is some sort of conspiracy here?

Are you sure this isn't simply about not liking the findings rather than questioning the scientific merit of the ? I find it hard to believe that people who have worked on so many different research projects have all come to similar findings and have also been working together free party chat line subvert some belief or other.

I don't think the of these tests are the problem as many people don't like them because they believe certain things and don't like the idea of having something distorting that view. If there is some evidence you have of a conspiracy then share it. Stop provoking people by your lies. Even I dont know how to change an IP adress.

To be honest, i asked this one user but he didnt tell me 50 chat room i really dont know. Besides, stop showing yourself as piteous. For Tombseye, I dont give that right to him her. Note: Sezen Aksu is a Tatar. But that doesnt mean we cant put her picture. Just an information.

You have done this many times.

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Here's my proof: see the history on Turkish Cypriot. Omega sex chat have no proof that I have ever used a sockpuppet. Just saying "Sezen Aksu is a Tatar" isn't going to cut it. Where's your proof? So Roxelena is okay with me. I don't have an objection to Orhan Pamuk either.

As a matter of fact we don't have to make the format of chaf Turkish people article similar to others. Jewish People and Wimen people do not have pictures and of countries do not have "people" owmen including American people for example. Ziya Gokalp who was the intellectual force in defining "turkish nationalism"; he had Kurdish parents. So by your standard he would not make it to the picture but by his standards he would. Exclusion of Roxelena would be similar to exclusion of the "House of windsor" from the English people since they are Hapsburgs.

Anyway picture debate is not at the top of my concerns in this article. I would like to know what is meant by "amalgamation". I know it is used as a metaphor for "melting pot" but you would agree that senior chat for free pot" is also another metaphor. message for free

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Do you mean some kind of a "hybridization" crossbreeding or mongrelization of chat en orlando florida peoples? You would agree that this is quite offensive no matter what ethnicity one belongs to. That is ethnic and religious minorities in Turkey would also find it very offensive. If I were a Erxingan citizen of Kurdish origin I would have had a hard time to see the distinction between being called a "hybrid" and a "mountain Turk.

I would very much see the term "amalgamation" and the genetic argument removed.

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Mongrelization is the more direct term. The main problem arises from trying to define the ethnicity of the peoples by their genes while they themselves clearly declare what their ethnic affiliation is. This effort le erzingqn another problem that different self-proclaimed ethnicities are genetically similar in Turkey and that genetic material in Turkey aurora sex chats close the neighboring countries and to Europeans.

This maracanau telephone chat where the big jumping to the conclusion comes: "All peoples in Turkey must be mongrels and and the Turkish contribution must be small". With only one research paper claiming this it looks like the author of this article is bearing witness to the trueness of their conclusion. There are too many assumptions in this statement and this amounts to a "historic interpretation".

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Correction: I read the Benedetto article again and that is not what they are claiming either so this claim is shangle chat POV of the WP editor, please read the 'Dienekes is no Historian' section below AverageTurkishJoe11 February UTC The statement one third of the population being ethnically Turk either need to be sourced like "according to so and so" with a direct quote or it should be excluded from the article.

Yes Turkish government stopped asking the ethnic origin of their citizens for of reasons whether rightly or wrongly and we may not have this information but this does not give us woomen freedom of manufacturing it. If Stanford Fhat is claiming Turkish people are mongrels then he should be quoted as saying this with his own words. Map of the Byzantine Empire around A.

We do not have a very clear picture of the of inhabitants of Asia Minor in neither in the late antiquity hot chat site in the early Medieval times. Instead we have widely ranging estimations of the figures one figure is 30 millions for the whole Roman Empire East West combined to 30 million for the eastern part before the Justinian message to a narcissist of Please note that eastern part of the Empire includes Syria and Egypt.

Procopius reports that free chat area, people died just in Constantinople in four months.